Wanderlust...and the (less) beaten track

The term "travel bug" is thrown around loosely, however the truth is deeper than a simple overused saying...it seeps in through your skin, it can take over your whole psyche, and it instills itself into an individual like a virus...it burns in your mind and can sometimes feel like a fever dream, crazy thoughts of places far and wide, yet to have been seen by your own eyes...

We'd be lying if we said that we were never bitten by this bug of travel - MAYDE as a whole, is influenced by this incredible world and its beaten (and much less beaten) tracks...we want to explore everywhere, and always. 

As our first blog post on this wide world, we want to talk about those places that perhaps don't see as much foot traffic...somewhere left of field, somewhere to seek, to find that ultimate reward. For every NYC, there's an Askja, for every Egyptian pyramid, there's a Tremble Island, and for each Great Barrier Reef, there's a Birdsville Hotel...we want to see it all. 

Random, wonderful, weird, enchanting, incredible - if it takes your breath away, we want to go there.


So tell us - where have you been? What have you seen? What's inspired you and what's entranced, excited, or perhaps even scared you? The world is our oyster, let's all explore it together...

Stay tuned for our blog posts on where to go, what to see, why to see it, and where in the world it is.




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